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Mortgage Options for 5 Different Life Situations: Real LIVE CHAT Case Studies

Different Life Situations Require Different Mortgage Options & Recommendations

Our 7 days a week live chat service on our website has provided a wealth of information not just for us but for those seeking mortgage options and solutions to their different life situations.

Effortless Mortgage works with over 60+ banks, credit unions, B lenders, and private mortgage lenders in Ontario.

However, our service is mostly geared towards helping homebuyers and homeowners get successfully approved for a mortgage when they don’t have the required credit score or income or debt ratios to get approved by traditional mortgage lenders like banks and larger credit unions.

We’ve created real LIVE CHAT case studies from recurring or more popular questions that we get asked on a daily basis — in hopes that they provide you, our readers, with real mortgage solutions or recommendations to help you in your own mortgage journey.

5 Different Life Situations

Our first set of live chat case studies are for those in the market for a home purchase, refinance, or renewal – but dealing with some income, credit, down payment issues.

Case Study Topics:

  • 5% Down Payment with Bad Credit (why it’s not enough) “I have 5% down payment but have bad credit and so many problems in my credit history…will it be okay to buy a house?”

  • Mortgage after Separation/Divorce “Is it possible to be approved for a mortgage with low credit … I need funds to buy out my partner from the shared home.”

  • Mortgage with Previous Bankruptcy — “Can Effortless Mortgage help people with previous bankruptcy?”

  • 10% to 15% Down Payment with Bad Credit “I have very poor credit with lots of items on collection … but now we saved up and are looking to purchase a first home … seeking help.”

  • Get a 2nd Mortgage and Save $ “How does Effortless Mortgage save you $ on Private Mortgage (i.e. 2nd mortgage)?”

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